Engraving Services


engraving services

Engraving can be done to personalize a wide range of products. By making use of state-of-the-art equipment at Fixology, engraving services can be done both by hand and by computers. These days laser engraving has become quite popular among people. We are able to provide engraving services for items that most engravers are wary to touch.

There are different examples of items which could use of engravings. Engraved gifts and trophies can have your names in gold, or any other material. Our experts can mostly engrave on the same day as they are given products, but just in case there are any further delays, you will be informed.

Our engraved items can be perfect as corporate gifts. If you wish to purchase them for your company, here are the items that you may consider:
• Pens
• Tankards
• Zippo lighters
• Plaques
• Glass awards
• Shields
• Hip flasks

Apart from the above, there are jewelry items as well that can be engraved upon. These include rings, bracelets, jewelry and expensive watches. With the help of our photo-etching service you can have a desired photo permanently engraved on wood or marble. Personalized wedding gifts are also great options.

The following are some more items which can be engraved:
• Smartphones
• Dog tags
• Picture frames
• Belt buckles
• Pendants

Our engraving services are highly sought after in Florida. Within Florida, our services span an area which includes Port St. Lucie, Jensen Beach and Stuart. If you have an important occasion coming up where you need such a gift, and you are residing in any of the above areas, then do not hesitate to come to us. We ensure that we get you the best possible prices in the market.

Personalization is a very important element in today’s world. It gives a person immense satisfaction to see his or her own name on a particular item such as pen, trophy or jewelry. Whether that gift is received in an awards ceremony or possibly on the occasion of an anniversary, it really does not matter. You will notice that gifting such an item will always create a special memory of you in the mind of the recipient.